NewsSystem Center Operations Manager and Veeam in Franck

IT Sistemi have successfully implemented Microsoft SCOM 2012 and Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam SCOM Management Pack for VMWare in Franck.

Microsoft System Center

The new Microsoft SCOM 2012 was implemented in Franck to monitor business applications as services, through all the infrastructure layers and comonents. In this way, applications are monitored from the network layer (Cisco), through the storage system (NetApp), virtualization platform (VMware), Operating Systems (Windows) and applications (Oracle), which results in the complete 0verview of the application’s state. System Center Operations Manager 2012 brings additional capabilities to everyday work by monitoring and proactively managing business applications.  

Veeam is a young company with some technologically very advanced solutions aimed at managing virtualized IT environments, and Franck has decided upon 2 of them:

Veeam Backup & Replication enables backup of virtual servers, but also single items from file-system or applications, which later enables restore of a single element from the virtual server (file, AD object, e-mail or other MS Exchange objekt,…), as well as starting virtual servers directly from the backup image on the storage. This kind of implementation makes it possible to backup both virtual servers and applications running on them in a single action, thereby reducing backup time the storage used using technologies such as differential backups, deduplication and compression.
Veeam VMware Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM enables monitoring of the whole VMware infrastructure with System Center Operations Manager (hundreds of monitors and alerts, such as memory pressure, disk pressure, IOPS, reports, diagrams, dashboards…) and in this way additionally enriches control of the business processes running in virtual environments.

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