NewsIT Sistemi awarded with AIIM ECM certificates

In its goal to provide it’s clients with the maximum level of quality in ECM projects IT Sistemi employees were successfully certified with AIIM ECM certificates

AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is the global community of information professionals that provides education, research and certification that helps information professionals to better manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud and big data.

AIIM has been an advocate and supporter of information professionals for nearly 70 years. Founded in 1943, AIIM builds on a strong heritage of research and member service. Today, AIIM is a global, non-profit organization that provides independent research, education and certification programs to information professionals. AIIM represents the entire information management community, with programs and content for practitioners, technology suppliers, integrators and consultants.

ECM experts – The proud few

By acquiring the AIIM ECM certificates, IT Sistemi have proven themselves as ECM professionals carrying the certifications for AIIM ECM Practitioner and AIIM ECM Specialist titles, belonging only to a few while being recognized by many in the world of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

AIIM’s Enterprise Content Management course provides information professionals with a systematic approach to manage their content across the enterprise that is applicable across all industries, and is independent of any particular technology or vendor solution.

Benefits for our clients

With the above ECM certifications we want to provide our clients with an additional level of quality in the following areas:

  • Improve our lead of organizations into the world of Enterprise Content Management.
  • Make better business decisions and agreements for our clients by following standards and best practices in the ECM world.
  • Improve our ability to bridge business requirements and IT demands in ECM projects.
  • Enhance value to partners and clients.
  • Keep ECM information management skills current and competitive

The AIIM ECM certificates are designed to enhance and promote the profession of information management by providing the premier credential in the industry. AIIM accomplishes this mission by establishing standards, creating a fair examination process, granting certification to information professionals who meet its standards, and communicating the value of the credential to employers and clients. With these certificates IT Sistemi have acknowledged themselves as a part of the next wave of Enterprise Content Management professionals.