NewsAutoCAD Document Management – MoRe connector

Our Document Management system – MoRe, is now able to manage AutoCAD documents from AutoCAD interface.

MoRe AutoCAD connector enables AutoCAD users to simply interact with MoRe document management system or Alfresco, directly from AutoCAD. This enables AutoCAD users to manage their documents (contracts, quotes, specifications, plans,…) in a simple way. MoRe document management system enables internal preview of AutoCAD documents, thus eliminating the need to have AutoCAD installed on every PC.

By using MoRe AutoCAD connector, AutoCAD users can search and open documents, check-in/check-out the documents and work with metadata. When saving or opening documents in MoRe, all the references (XREFS) between dependent files (DWG, DGN, PDF, raster,…) are maintained. As a web-based solution, MoRe allows collaboration from any location with Internet access, making work in distributed environments easier.

Find out more in our brochure MoRe – AutoCAD connector, and on our pages MoRe –  Document Management, and Document and Data Capture.