Web gateway security


Secure web gateway solutions filter unwanted software/malware from user-initiated Web/Internet traffic and enforce corporate and regulatory compliance. Such solutions, as a minimum, include URL filtering, malicious-code detection and filtering, and applications support for most popular Web-based applications, such as instant messaging, native or integrated data leak prevention.

Malware-filtering capability is critical as Internet and Web become major infection channels. Bots, phishing, and malicious active content target end-users accessing Internet resources and infect corporate networks. Unfortunately, other than deploying caching and URL filtering products, corporations have done little to inspect user-initiated traffic and protect their users.

Web 2.0 applications, such as social and business networking, create both opportunities and challenges. While they help corporate marketing they also create risks when users either download malicious content or publish inappropriate or confidential data on various blogs or social networks. End-users can also inappropriately use such applications during work hours.

Further challenges are protecting road warriors and smartphone users who are often left unprotected while outside LAN.

We deliver solutions from different vendors that can meet all your needs and can be placed on-premise as a hardware appliance, software package, but also as a cloud service for rapid and cost-effective deployment that has lowest maintenance costs.

Security solutions we deliver are scalable, reliable, and seamlessly integrate into your existing network.