E-mail Security


E-mail security solution is a must have for an organization of any size. With more than 95% of e-mail messages today being spam, filtering spam and virus messages becomes not only convenient but also required for normal business operation.

Battle against spammers today requires usage of complex anti-spam techniques that perform deep analysis of each e-mail message in a never ending race against new spam techniques that threaten end users.

Apart from filtering spam messages it is crucial that mail security solution also includes virus scanning capabilities so that malicious e-mail can be stopped before it even gets to your mail server.

Today e-mail security solutions also deliver functionalities that can prevent data leakage of confidential information like credit card numbers and similar outside of your organization. For secure communication e-mail messages can also be encrypted. Compliance can be achieved through well defined out-of-the-box predefined set of rules.

Main problem in delivering suitable e-mail security solution is keeping the number of false-positives to a minimum level. Our solutions are proven to be the best in the market in this field.

We are proud that we can deliver solutions for organizations of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises, that meet all of the above requirements and that seamlessly integrate into the existing e-mail infrastructure. We have delivered such solutions to the numerous clients and their loyalty is our best proof of their satisfaction with delivered products.