Document capture and MicrofilmingScanning and microfilming systems and solutions

Document capture and Microfilming

IT Sistemi have a long term experience in design, implementation and maintenance of scanning and microfilming systems, and in integration with various document and records management systems.

Document and Data capture is a necessary process in today’s business, where we usually work on our PCs, but most of the documents, due to legal obligations, still enter the company in paper form. Scanning enables us to have those documents quickly accessible in digital form, without spending time to find them or money for photocopy-ing.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a procedure of data capture from the scanned document, whether it is a full-text OCR, or OCR of some indexes. OCR systems can function in a strictly predefined manner, as in structured documents (scanning of forms), or can perform intelligent OCR and data capture, where a whole document is analyzed, and complex algorithms determine where on a semi-structured or unstructured document the information resides (scanning of incoming invoices, scanning of customer complaints etc).

ID Scanning (ID cards, driver’s license, passports etc.) and automatic data capture from ID documents is required more and more often in modern business. Our ID scanning solutions cover requirements such as reading of MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) data (according to ICAO 9303 and other standards), OCR of data on the VIZ (Visual Inspection Zone) part of the ID document, capturing and archiving of whole or part of the image of ID document, and security checks to determine if the document is original. 

Distributed Document capture enables secure and reliable capturing of documents on diferent geographical locations, with a complete control of the system. Release of the documents to microfilm, or any of the document od records management system can be achieved on any location.

Microfilm is in Croatia, apart from keeping the original paper document, the only legally accepted way of long-term archiving of documents that were created in paper form.

KofaxWhen implementing Document and Data capture solutions, IT Sistemi use solutions from the world-leading manufacturer of scanning, OCR, indexing, data validation and processing, intelligent forms recognition, Multifunctional Peripherals (MFP) integration, Unified Messaging and LOB applications integration solutions - Kofax. Kofax  enables conectivity and release of scanned documents and extracted data (Kofax release script) to the world’s top document and records management systems, such as MoRe, Alfresco, Sharepoint, Documentum, IBM FileNet, Oracle  etc. IT Sistemi is Kofax Gold Partner, and the largest Kofax partner in the region.

ITS Monitoring & Reporting for Kofax system was developed by IT Sistemi to allow users of Kofax document and data capture system a complete insight into system state, both from business and IT point of view.

ITS SCOM Management Pack for Kofax and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager was developed by IT Sistemi to monitor all system resources and components of Kofax infrastructure, including remote offices, and communications network availability, by using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager infrastructure.

Kodak Document ImagingWhen implementing document scanning and capture systems, we use production scanners from world-leading manufacturers, such as Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, Bowe Bell&Howell scanners, etc. These scanners enable high-speed scanning (100 and more pages per minute), of large quantities of paper documents (tens of thousands pages per day), with maximum ergonomy and efficiency of scanning. IT Sistemi is authorised distributor and implementator of Kodak micrographics equipment. Except from sales and implementation of products such as Kodak Digital Archive Writer, Kodak Prostar Processor, Kodak Scanpro 2000 and others, we integrate them into a complete system for Digital Archiving, Document Management, with retention and disposition control.