Print Management


Print Management is a topic being discussed more and more often, in conjunction with cost reduction and environment protection. Owners of printers, Multifunctional Peripherals (MFPs) and copiers often aren’t aware of the actual cost that those devices represent to them, either through their usage (papers, toners, electricity), or through their maintenance and administration (calling the IT support department for various problems).

Quality Print Management solutions must support the following functionalities:

  • AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION – by entering a password, Single Sign-On, or by using smartcards; either by using the existing functionalities on MFPs, by using the workstations, or separate external terminals
  • PRINT TRACKING – tracking the usage per user, department or device
  • COST TRACKING AND ALLOCATION – based on the print-tracking data
  • “FOLLOW-YOU PRINTING” –  documents sent to the printers aren’t actually printed until the owners of the print-jobs authenticate themselves at the devices; documents sent to the printers cannot anymore sit there unattended until their rightful owner comes to pick them up
  • PRINTING RULES: COLOR PRINTING – control of how color-printing can be used – by user, department, number of pages,… enforcement of monochrome printing
  • DUPLEX PRINTING – enforcement of duplex printing
  • PRINT-JOB ROUTING – enforcement of printing of certain print-jobs on specific devices, based on their speed or cost per page
  • REPORTING –  printing infrastructure usage by users, departments, devices,…
  • SUPPORT FOR MAJOR MANUFACTURERS –  solution independent of the manufacturer of the print, MFP or copy devices
  • PSUPPORT FOR VARIOUS IT ENVIRONMENTS –  Windows, NetWare, UNIX or Linux print-servers, Windows and MacOS X workstations, Citrix, RDP,…

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