E-mail and Fax servers


The cheapest and the most practical form of remote communication is e-mail and thus it is today the most pervasive way of communication. Today e-mail solutions have much functionality that enables users to collaborate anywhere and anytime. Further integration allows users to receive fax and voice messages directly to their inboxes. E-mail solutions due to their importance and information confidentiality require high availability and security.

Apart from basic functionalities, e-mail solutions deliver:

  • calendar, task, address book and meetings management
  • public folders for storing messages and documents
  • web access to services
  • access to services using mobile devices
  • unified messaging – fax, voicemail, e-mail
  • high-availability

A growing number of applications and devices access your e-mail infrastructure, so it is more important than ever that you consider the protection of your mission critical e-mail data when you choose an e-mail solution. Your organization has many reasons to protect and archive e-mail, from regulatory concerns to internal organizational governance.

Use of fax server additionally broadens the usage of company’s communications infrastructure, allows better control of information and makes business communication easier. Sending or receiveing faxes is as simple as sending or receiveing e-mails, faxes are easier to archive, and fax messages are delivered directly to the intended recipient’s inbox. Besides classic fax communication using analogue telephone lines (POTS) or ISDN lines (BRI or PRI, with the right ISDN fax card), FoIP (Fax over IP) solutions which use VoIP (Voice over IP) SIP or H.323 infrastructure are becoming increasingly popular, with the use of additional FoIP software, such as XCAPI.  

IT Sistemi implement the leading e-mail and fax-server solutions: