Whether you are building a new application or you are trying to manage your data in an appropriate way you will likely need a scalable, fast and highly available database solution.

Databases are a foundation of any modern application and it is critical that a database solution is designed and implemented in a most thoughtful way so that it provides best possible performance and reliability once in production.

Database implementation can be a complex process. Design plan must be implemented before diving in such project. Every aspect of the implementation must be carefully thought of. Hardware for the project must be knowingly selected and deployed as bad choice can have a long lasting impact on stability of the end product.

Not all database engines are the same nor does one engine fit all needs. Our database solutions range from high end Oracle solutions to mid-sized Microsoft SQL Server deployments. For clients that prefer open-source technology we can deliver MySQL based solutions.

Database solutions must also be properly sized. For clients that need maximum performance and reliability we can deploy clustered database deployments that can fulfill even the most demanding speed and availability requirements.

As security is critical for business operations we have also specialized in deploying audit and encryption solutions for databases that meet the compliance requirement standards.

Deployed database solutions also need proper maintenance for their long lasting duration and maintained performance. We can provide database tuning services to deliver performance optimizations.

Our long lasting experience in implementing various database solutions can help you achieve these goals.