Print, Scan, Fax and E-mailScanners, Multifunctional devices, fax and e-mail are all parts of everyday Business Processes


MoRe provides multiple electronic document delivery solutions that allow automation of business information delivery. With MoRe companies and organizations can print, scan, fax and email invoices, purchase orders, statements and other business needed documents simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

MoRe offers severaly ways of document and data capture, and automated delivery of business information. Actions such as scanning, printing, faxing and e-mailing documents can be done quickly, fast, and with less cost. Captured (scanned) document is the start of a business process.

MoRe offers several ways of document capture. Scanning of documents in all formats may be used in an archiving solution, after the business process is finished. However, the full potential of MoRe Document and Business process management solution comes into play when the captured document acts as a start of business process.

High-volume and distributed scanning, using document scanners or existing multifunctional devises, without a specialized scanning software. This kind of document capture is primarily intended for use with barcodes. MoRe offers barcode recognition as a way of document separation and classification, OCR and indexing a digital archive.

Also, by using the existing scanning equipment, it is possible to scan a document directly into digital archive system using the provided TWAIN driver, using MoRe and TWAIN driver user interface. MoRe supports all leading document scanner manufacturers, such as Kodak, Fujitsu, Bowe Bell&Howell, Canon, Avision, HP, and other devices which may be used to scan documts with a push of a button.

Documents may be scanned into MoRe by using the existing multifunctional device infrastructure (fax, copy, print, scan and e-mail devices), which are used in of almost every company today.

For more advanced advanced document processing scenarios, such as distributed capture, advanced OCR and automatic document classification, Kofax solutions may be used.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Message Queueing (MQ) are an integral part of our document, records and process management soluzion – MoRe. They provide resilient infrastructure for document and transaction processing and system integration.

Print-to-MoRe option installs a standard virtual printer into the Operating System, and enables PDF document archiving from any business application.