MoRe enables a wide range of elements and parameters users can customize to meet their specific needs. These include custom classification schemes, custom forms, custom searches, custom templates, custom workflows and custom reports.

Custom forms with metadata fields allow companies and organizations to create an extensive range of custom defined fields for records and documents. Users can define parameters for each field including data type (int, text, numeric, date …), and control type (text box, list box …), create lookup fields and ensure field data validation across existing records or external data sources.

Custom search screens can be configured to use custom metadata for advanced searching and reporting.

Custom workflows ensure that the system is fully streamlined with your specific business process.

A Report layer summarizes the afore mentioned custom elements in a final wrapper to give the authorized users an overview of the system with user specific parameters

An example of customization in MoRe is the creation of a custom invoice form with user specified metadata fields, which enable users to search specifically on these fields, auto generate an MS Word invoice document, require specific workflow authorization and display in required reports.

Key Customization features:

  • Custom classification scheme
  • Custom forms
  • Custom templates (doc, xls…)
  • Custom search
  • Custom reports
  • Custom workflows