Collaboration through tasks and workflows


MoRe provides a collaborative web based environment, ideal for small and large enterprises alike. It enables organizations and companies to create workflow scenarios to streamline their business processes.

MoRe is highly flexible to support a large range of business processes like invoice approvals, document approvals, forms processing, etc.

All users in the system have a personal dashboard, where they can quickly access all tasks and documents associated with them or their associated group (My Group tasks, My Tasks, etc.)

With MoRe users are able to automate their business processes by passing a document from one group or user to others via email notifications and task assignments. Each user in the group of an assigned workflow is able to perform a various tasks like document review, editing, attachments preview, fill forms and much more before closing the document or reassigning it to the next workflow step, and further processing.

Key Collaboration features

  • Workflow/business process management
  • Task and status tracking
  • Email alerts and change notifications
  • Graphical view of the Workflow process