MoRe – Document ManagementMoRe is a premier, standards-compliant, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform


MoRe represents a complete business solution suite that provides document, records and business process management within a single content repository. Built on a highly scalable technology foundation (Alfresco), based on relevant standards and regulations (MoReq2,…), backed with exceptional application integration, MoRe ensures high levels of scalability, fast return on investment, and customer satisfaction.

An affordable Electronic Document Management for your daily operations

MoRe, based on Alfresco, provides organizations and companies affordable content and business process management capabilities that can easily scale as your business grows. Organizations can benefit from a centralized digital archive which ensures business quality, standards compliance and archiving requirements (MoReq2 and standards valid in Croatia), while lowering the total cost of ownership.

With MoRe companies and organizations can achieve better organization, lower costs, and business process excellence, at an affordable rate. MoRe improves productivity within an organization by dreducing the time required to locate information and simplifying the process of document collaboration (for example, ISO 9001 documentation).

Fully customizable

MoRe enables a wide range of elements and parameters which can be presented to an end user for customization and personalization.

Package customization, custom classification schemes, custom forms, custom searches, custom templates, custom workflows and custom reports allow the system to meet user specific requirements and business needs.

Easily accessible

A Web browser interface allows users easy access from your organization or anywhere in the world through an intuitive and user friendly interface. Users can quickly become proficient in the use of MoRe and easily access and manage documents, & records.

Any authorized user can create, view, edit, share and manage documents & records safely and securely anytime and from different locations.

MoRe increases productivity - improving the ability to make clear business decisions eliminate process bottlenecks and in the end of the day help you achieve MoRe.

Full service support

With extensive customer support services our experienced team can ensure a successful implementation and a professional service.

We can provide you the following services:

  • Consulting services, project management & planning
  • Installation, integration, administration and end user training
  • Data conversion & migration services
  • Helpdesk support services (application & technical)
  • Custom development


MoRe – Document Management
MoRe – AutoCAD connector

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