ITS SCOM Management Pack for KofaxMonitor and manage your Kofax environment with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager


IT Sistemi has developed Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Kofax applications. It can be used as a standalone solution in SCOM framework, or as a part of IT Sistemi’s Kofax Monitoring and Reporting solution.

ITS SCOM Management Pack for Kofax enables System Center Operations Manager to monitor all system resources and components of Kofax infrastructure, including remote offices, and communications network availability.
IT Sistemi Kofax SCOM Management Pack monitors all Kofax services engaged in the monitored Kofax infrastructure. Communication between Kofax Capture components is also monitored. Customers will receive alerts on component failures. Diagnostic and recovery tasks can be run automatically or on demand for rapid recovery of failed components. Different views are available for diferent customer profiles to gain better insight into their Kofax Capture environment.

This kind of Kofax hardware and software components monitoring allows placing critical components high on priority list for automated error notifications, or execution of corrective actions. It includes tracking of central and distributed Kofax services and modules. Together with Kofax Business Monitoring developed by IT Sistemi and developing of custom Management Packs that reuse IT Sistemi Management Pack for Kofax Capture, full monitoring of customers document processing infrastructure can be leveraged.

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Since March 2012. IT Sistemi is a proud partner of Microsoft System Center Partner Alliance. Membership in System Center ISV Alliance shows our commitment to develop and improve our System Center solutions to our customers’ satisfaction.

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