ITS Monitoring & Reporting for Kofax


Kofax Monitoring & Reporting system provides insight into business processing and document processing status inside the Kofax system.

ITS Monitoring & Reporting for Kofax is a product of IT Sistemi, intended for existing users of Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation Modules, and other Kofax solutions, with the need for complete insight and control over business and IT aspects of document and data capture, and related transactions. ITS Monitoring and Reporting for Kofax consists of Kofax Business and Kofax System monitoring. Business monitoring covers process flow and timeliness aspects, and System monitoring covers the IT resources and components that enable Kofax processes  and respective critical points. Kofay System monitoring uses Microsoft System Center Operations Manager as an underlying platform.

ITS Business Monitoring for Kofax

Throughout the complete batch processing period, the following data is gathered:

  • Status data
  • Audit data

The result is a creation of a Database which makes the following reports available:

  • Status of each Batch job processing
  • Status of single transactions – Processed, Error, Rescan, …
  • System throughput statistics
  • OCR accuracy statistics
  • Statistics of work done, by location, and by operator
  • System state monitoring
  • Alert list – transactions which exceeded the allowed time to process, or in Error status
  • Errors and Exceptions handling

The above described system gives to the business users the ability to monitor and control business processes which they own. Monitoring and Reporting data ensures just-in-time reaction in case of a system overload or bottleneck, manual interventions, and even transaction roll-back during processing.  

ITS System Monitoring for Kofax

System monitoring is based on Microsoft Sytem Center Operations Manager implementation on Kofax system processes. Microsoft SCOM monitors all system resources and components used by Kofax, including branch offices, and network infrastructure availability.  

Analysis’ and methods that are defined on the alerting system are Business Continuity oriented, and all the critical components that might endanger business processes are highly prioritized.

Both centralized and distributed services and resources may be tracked from several locations, and thus enable users to react promptly to critical events. The SCOM system can be used to monitor IT infrastructure components and systems other than ones involved with Kofax, if required by the client.

ITS Monitoring & Reporting for Kofax pdf brochure (703 kB)

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