Card Systems

Card Systems

Systems that support banking card operations, and provide a better overview and execution of card-based transactions.

Merchant Acquiring – The complete ERP for card business

Merchant Acquiring is a complete system of business applications for relationship management between merchants and bank acquirer. This system provides powerful tools for complete management of services related to bank card operations of merchants, from the contracting with the bank, to the payment order to the merchants.
All reports related to the profitability and controlling the costs associated with the card transactions are available to the management.

Some of the tools implemented in this system are: Accounting Management, POS Management, Risk Management, Call Center etc.

For more product information download the brochure MA-Eng.pdf

Visa Mastercard – Incoming Outgoing (VMC) – Interchange Settlement and Clearing

The VISA Mastercard Incoming / Outgoing (VMC) application is used for receiving and processing of incoming and outgoing files from BASE II and the Edit Package MC center.
The primary purpose of processing files from BASE II  is Clearing and Settlement, including the payment due to interbanking commission, which takes place daily for all payables to a licensed network of national and international institutions (banks) for alignment.

For more product information download the presentation VMC-Hrv.pps