Banking System Application Support

Banking System Application Support

Planning, analysis and reporting on sales activities, and flexible and comprehensive system of notifying clients.

System Statements – Robust centralized system for sending statements and notices to customers

The system performs a centralized way to send statements of accounts and notifications to customers thru a variety of channels, with respect to the sending frequency.

The system is unique and robust in regard with highly satisfactory performance requirements, considering the capability of timely processing of high volumes of clients, account statements and notifications sent to the clients.

Basic characteristics of the system are:

  • Transferring and processing of data from the central business system
  • Archive generation and sending of statements and notifications to the customers thru various channels (e-mail, fax, ftp, printer, file-share)
  • Review of statements and notifications

Sales Planning and Monitoring  -BI support system for decision making and management

Sales Planning and Monitoring system provides in a unique way necessary and timely information for decision making and strategic management, to the management of the companies whose main activity is based on sales of services:

  • delivering the right information to the right people at the right time
  • collecting information from all departments, analyzing them, preparing the required reports and sending to the addresses of responsible employees
  • simple and comprehensive planning of annual plan, from the eployee-level to the levels of all organizational units of the company

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