Mision and vision

About us


For us at IT Sistemi, the measure of a business success is when our work is acknowledged and recognized as a unit of performance, reliability and mutual trust within the company, our partners, customers and the overall market.

Our mission is customer satisfaction within the justification of their investment and security that the right decision is to select IT Sistemi for its business partners in the most favorable performance solutions.

Our goal is to…

  • Continuously develop technological solutions by selecting the best products available on the IT market, which will allow our clients to achieve competitive advantage in daily operations
  • Permanently improve technical competency trough constant personnel trainings and certifications
  • Improve the quality of business application by applying modern management methodologies in daily business practice, together with technical training
  • Develop business to achieve the best possible client structure in order to reduce the risks resulting from market disturbances and other competitors
  • Expand business to a wider area of former Yugoslavia, by establishing business relations with affiliated companies


Our vision is growth and advancement, the market expansion potential, increasing supply of services, investment in people to make them more prepared for increasing challenges placed before us by our customers today and tomorrow.

We put a special emphasis on team work, employment and professional growth of young, educated people, that we believe are our future and our greatest potential.